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Footie Themed box

La Samba Series 1

La Samba Series 1

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What is inside?

Every edition will be different but all will have great quality merchandise. Your Footie Themed Box (FTB) will have one football shirt from the South American leagues, along with a pin badge especially designed by FTB, with an informative card on why this pin badge is so special. Plus stickers and other trinkets we can get hold of to pack into your box.

Why choose FTB?

The sister company from the very popular MFJ, we know what our customers want to add to their collection. We have reliable sources across the world making sure you get your hands on shirts that you just can't get hold of anywhere else. 

What leagues will be included? 

We will be covering all the South American leagues, so each box will have a good mix. 

Will there be other volumes?

Each theme is set up for at least two releases; this will give us a clear idea what customers are looking for. 


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