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Footie Themed box

La Samba Series 1 *SALE*

La Samba Series 1 *SALE*

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La Samba themed box is packed full of merchandise covering all the leagues in South America. 


What is inside?

Every edition will be different but all will have great quality merchandise. Your Footie Themed Box (FTB) will have one football shirt from the South American leagues, along with a pin badge especially designed by FTB, with an informative card on why this pin badge is so special. Plus stickers and other trinkets we can get hold of to pack into your box.

Why choose FBT?

The Sister company from the very popular MFJ, we know what our customers want to add to their collection. We have reliable sources across the world making sure you get your hands on shirts that you just can't get hold of anywhere else. 

What Leagues will be included? 

We will be covering all the South American leagues, so each box will have a good mix. 

Will there be other volumes?

Each theme is set up for at least two releases and this will give us a clear idea what customers are looking for. 


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Key Information

Size Guide

Please note sizing as already been completed. For example Japan L is a smaller fit to europe we have already made adjustments to our inventory to reflect this. Order your size as you normally would. The guidguidelines picture is what we use for sizing.

What's inside?

One football shirt

Two stickers

Pin badge with information card

One gift



You may be charged customs upon your order entering your country. We are working hard to try and get this incorporated into the initial booking but at present this is out of our control. Currently you will initially pay for the box and shipping.


1. What happens if I miss the themed drop?

Please sign up to FTB socials and our newsletter (which can be found on the website) to receive updates about the next drop. Each theme will be available for a month but the policy is once it's gone it's gone until the next batch. 

2. Why can't I list teams to avoid or suggest leagues?

As this is new and the themes have just come out we won't be giving the customers the option to avoid teams. If the theme makes it through two successful drops we will then introduce this option. 

3. Do you ship to my country?

We ship worldwide and if the option isn't there contact us. 

4. Are they this seasons shirt?

We only have a select few of the most current season due to costs.

5. How long do I have to wait for my themed box once I have ordered it?

You will be notified when shipped by our courier. We aim to process orders within five working days. 

6. My parcel is being returned to sender - what do I do?

If your parcel is being returned to us, we can resend this out to you once it has been received. If it was returned due to an address error or it was unclaimed, this will incur a charge to resend. It is the buyers responsibility to keep track of their order once it has been dispatched and arrange delivery with their local courier.

7. How do I track my parcel?

You will receive a shipping email with the tracking number listed at the bottom. Please go to and enter the tracking number. For international customers, this will guide you to onward local tracking. It is the buyer's responsibility to keep track of their parcel and to arrange delivery / collection with their local courier, to ensure the parcel is not returned back to us. If the parcel is returned, the buyer will incur a charge if they wish for the parcel to be resent to them. 

8. What is the difference between you and MFJ

We are a sister company to MFJ, so FTB is owned by MFJ but run two different types of business. Stock isn't shared between the companies or materials. Only ideas and wisdom. 

9. Is my product brand new with tags?

This won't be a guarantee as some themes are so hard to get hold off we have to dip into the used market for some shirts. All shirts will be eight out of ten for condition.